Monday, February 20, 2012

Fun Facts Not Even Non-Idiots Would Know #1

     In this series I look at some random facts that even non-idiots wouldn't know.

     #1: Mexico has more World Cup appearances than England and France.  Which also means they've had more appearances than the US and Canada combined.

     #2: Nigeria is the seventh most populous nation in the world.  Then again, never thought much about the topic other than "China, India and Russia has a lot of people."

     #3: Former Yankees pitcher A. J. Burnett once had a clause in his contract with Toronto (his previous team) which requires eight round trips on a limo per year for his wife.  She's afraid of flying, but she wants to see him play in person.

    Bonus: It's not easy writing about idiotic things after feeling bad because you've done those yourself once upon a time.

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