Thursday, January 19, 2012

Idiots Around Me, #1

     For the first post on the blog (not like it matters), I'd like to talk about the inspiration for this blog.  Stupid idiots around me.  Thank you, you idiots.  Sure, you guys aren't necessarily stupid most of the time, but some things you do, is just too damn idiotic.  You really brighten my day with your idiocy and unconventional antics.  You give me the inspiration to embarrass myself online by writing in my own stupid style, grammatical errors and weird usage of certain phrases.  Cheers.
     Idiot #1: Spending triple digit on a game that no one else plays, just because "it looks nice."  Pretty sure there's such things called Google Images, Photobucket, deviant art, etc.  Also, what is the point of the game if it's a multi-player game and no one else around you plays it? It's like downloading a MMORPG then try to play it without any internet connection.  It's not my money, but even burning it for warmth is less of a waste, considering the weather right now.
     Idiot #2: Cannot spell Christmas.  When you're over the age of 10 (or in this case, over by a large margin), and you spent at least five years in an English speaking country (again, actual number is much higher), you should know how to spell Christmas.  There are many people who can't spell much shorter words, but I honestly cannot think of any word that is more common and also spelled wrong regularly by someone I know.  The images of misspelled "Merry Christmas" on holiday gifts make me chuckle.  The thought of "Mary Christmas" makes me want to watch Dumb and Dumber again.
     Idiot #3: Thinks potato is a fruit.  No wonder my parents always told me to "Eat your vegetables!" when I'm trying to enjoy some french fries.

More of their idiocy to come in the future.  I don't recall any more at the moment, but that's more due to the fact that I'm getting drowsy.  However, they're definitely going to do something stupid in the near future.  And I'll be waiting.

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